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Sample thank you replies and messages to birthday greetings

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Many of us are running out of words in sending thank you messages to those who greeted us in our birthdays. I also experienced the same situation two days ago, when I celebrated my special day. I sent thank you notes to few of my well wishers in the morning. But all through out the day, greetings are pouring in so I did’nt want to be redundant with just saying the same birthday appreciation messages over and over.

So in this article, I tried to come up with short notes and meaningful messages to convey gratitudes to birthday greetings from friends, acquaintances, and family members. Feel free to use or modify these thank you messages on your own.

*It is a delight to receive your birthday greetings. It made my day more special. Come, celebrate with me.

*Your heartfelt greetings (and precious gifts) make this day unforgettable. It means a lot to me.

*Just your presence is enough for me to be more joyful today. Your spirit lifts me up in a very unexpected way.

* It is a pleasure to receive your warm greetings. It is one of the things I miss from you, you never cease to remember me. Thank you so much.

* Today does not mean another year older, but another year of fulfillment and celebration because of your friendship. Thank you very much,

* It feels good to read your sweet thoughts. Thanks for remembering me always.

* Your sweet remembrance for my birthday is gladly appreciated.

* I wasn’t expecting anything from you from the start, but now, knowing you more is the best birthday present I could have. Thanks for being with me.

* Everyday is my birthday because I have reasons to celebrate life: your love and your presence. Thanks for a year of hanging tough with me.

I hope these collection of thank you messages is helpful. Express yourself in more ways than one, send out your sample thank you messages for birthday, sample thank you sayings for birthday, birthday thank you, thank you for birthday wishes, Birthday Thank you note samples, birthday thank you messages, thank you for birthday greetings, thank you replies for birthday greetings, birthday thank you notes now.

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